Thanks to new materials, technologies, and innovative styles, the possibilities for kitchen remodeling ideas have increased dramatically. Over the past few years kitchen remodelers have introduced so many clever and convenient ways that you can  create a new kitchen, remodel your kitchen, or do a kitchen renovation that enlarges, upgrades, or beautifies your kitchen. The experts at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can assist you with many new kitchen design options – and here are few new kitchen design ideas to inspire you as you consider your next kitchen remodeling project.

Remodeling a Kitchen for More Space

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath is often asked to help homeowners do a kitchen renovation with the goal of providing much more room. There are many kitchen remodeling ideas and techniques that can accomplish this welcome improvement. You can remove non-supportive walls to free up space. Open up the room with built-ins like kitchen islands that have breakfast bar seating. Consolidate space by using different types of appliances that have a smaller footprint on the floor. Or remodel a kitchen with cabinetry up high along the upper walls.

Kitchen Remodelers Can Improve Flow

Another frequent request that the Ultimate Kitchen & Bath team gets is for kitchen remodeling ideas and kitchen renovation designs that enhance movement and traffic. There are formulas used by professional chefs and commercial kitchens, for instance, that you can implement to create a new kitchen layout where everything is within easy reach. You can also design circular pathways around a center kitchen isle, and that can suddenly make everything that happens in the kitchen easier and more convenient. Open plans are extremely popular, too, and doing that kind of kitchen renovation won’t just improve traffic flow in the kitchen, but will also enhance the flow in rooms adjacent to the remodeled kitchen.

Do a Kitchen Remodel with an Extra Sink

Sometimes what a kitchen really needs is an additional sink, and Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can help you figure out where to put a small sink so that your new kitchen layout is significantly better. A sink for washing vegetables along a prep counter is a great kitchen remodeling idea. You can also install a sink inside a kitchen island through a strategic kitchen renovation. Or let kitchen remodeling professionals at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath do a kitchen remodel and give you a professional-style pot filler kitchen sink faucet.

Add Hidden Storage with Kitchen Renovation

Everyone wants more storage, and Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can remodel your kitchen with ample pantry storage discreetly hidden from view. Or camouflage tons of hidden storage using innovative storage system that fit into nooks between appliances, unused space in corners, or beneath counters and islands. You can also “hide” storage in plain sight when you remodel your kitchen by installing a beautiful old-fashioned pot and pan rack or system that hangs overhead for a touch of European elegance.