Decorative ceiling or door moldings and cornices date back to Roman times and can be created to emphasize classic edges in Victorian, Georgian, Baroque, or contemporary country styles. They’re an added architectural feature, providing visual depth and sophistication to any interior or exterior. Our expert craftsmen at ULTIMATE Custom Design will shape wood strips and plaster material along the top of the wall, or around doors and windows to punctuate elegant rooms with ornate edges. We will creatively assess, modify, supply and install a wide range of custom-made moldings.

How Much Will My Molding Cost?
Our expert craftsmen at ULTIMATE Custom Design is experienced in providing obligation-free quotes and cost-price analysis based on preferred designs, materials, size of the job and structural needs. As an estimate, costs can range from just a couple of hundred dollars (for a low-grade wood crown molding) to a few thousand (for a painted high-end plaster crown molding with major upgrades) for a large living room and two windows.

Molding Design Ideas
The sky is the limit with molding designs at ULTIMATE Custom Design. Classic trim, square, or ornate molding panels can be added to walls, staircases, around doors and windows — adding ledge space and visual depth. Round wooden cabinet legs can be creatively screwed onto ledges and panels can encase stairwell banisters in unique designs. Solid bases ensure molding edges make a smooth transition. Our carpenter is an expert resource tradesman and will have novel ideas in adding decorative value to your property.



Our expert painters are reliable and accredited to apply just the right color scheme in both industrial and residential settings. At ULTIMATE Custom Design we are highly experienced in the use of quality acrylics, laminate, and oil-based paints to produce stunning results in upgrading and transforming your living areas. Precision sanding, along with the careful application of primers and undercoats is the first step in transitioning to smooth finishes and lasting paintwork. Call for an obligation-free quote at ULTIMATE Custom Design. Our paintwork is guaranteed to last and we ‘get it right’ the first time.

How Much Will My Paint Cost?
Best way to know how much will your painting project will cost, call us for a free estimate. You are purchasing a long-term investment, high-quality materials, including time and labor from a highly experienced and accredited painter — who will highlight design space, shade, and lighting. They are adept in guiding you through the process of color selection, suitable categories of durable paint, sanding, washing, proposed number of coats, and protection of furniture and flooring. Our painters at ULTIMATE Custom Design is an expert resource tradesman and will have the brightest ideas in adding a welcoming style to your property.

Painting Design Ideas
We are the ULTIMATE Custom Design one-stop shop for all your remodeling and creative painting requirements.
Our expert painter has accumulated years of experience in painting rooms and exteriors, giving them added vitality and versatility. Ordered cabinets have been painted in bright blues and reds or ‘grounded’ in subdued hues of grey, white and green. Rooms painted boldly in lilac, green and navy or Etruscan Red are now the new white, grey and beige. And instead of straight lines, paint can be applied creatively in multi-colored waves or abstract lines. Horizontal wall lines can be painted from dark hues to light using painters’ tape. Typographic designs (or large painted initials) on a pale wall will personalize wall spaces and workstations – as will painting large messages like “Make it Matter” or “Keep Cool and Carry On!” We also include a large array of decorative painting techniques to your walls, trim, doors, and cabinet.

Custom Carpentry
Don’t compromise on construction expertise when it comes to repairing and creatively designing your house and its structural supports. Our expert tradesmen will assess, calculate and implement the most innovative designs using industry best standards, along with sturdy materials to ensure the highest quality work is carried out, as per contract. ULTIMATE Custome Design has all the necessary licensed building credentials and knowledge to provide custom built-ins, cabinetry, decks, sheds, flooring, frames, and pergolas – to match your personal specifications. We are adept at repairing essential structures and work well together with plumbers, HVAC specialists, electricians, and masons. Our specialized areas:

  • Crown Molding and Trim
  • Coffered Ceilings
  • Fireplace Mantles
  • Mancaves and Basements

Custom Painting
ULTIMATE Custome Design is an expert at mixing paints into custom blends to modernize color schemes. We understand industry pressure to stay out in front of the competition, so we utilize high-tech paint technology and eye-popping colors to make bold, interesting statements on our buildings and interiors. It’s scientifically proven that attractive aesthetics – especially color – will elevate mood, ambiance, and surroundings. Interior decorating, manufactured plastics, concrete finishes, and powder coating all rely on this visual principle. We have the creative design skill and experience in mixing chemical paint properties to produce unique 3D colors like Pearl Paint Pigment, Metal Flake, and we can spruce-up contemporary walls, panels and joinery to exceed your expectations.

Cabinet Painting and Stain
ULTIMATE Custome Design offers quality workmanship, impeccable results and we finalize our projects based on customer preferences. Painting and staining are the final protective coats and finishing touches used to enhance the updated appearance and durability of cabinetry. We are successful in bringing a range of services and have developed skills to efficiently work within your budget (including labor) and schedule. Receive a menu of quotes from our trusted, expert Cabinet Painters. We use reliable, quality oil coats and laminate paints, and will include the staining of kitchen cabinets. Select us for the ULTIMATE Custome Design in quality painting and staining.

Built-in Closets and Bookshelves
Use ULTIMATE Custome Design’s professional carpenters to assist you with expertly organizing and designing a closet or bookshelf, to maximize efficient, personal storage space. We will design, construct and install a custom made-to-measure closet, or bookshelf based on your dimensions, home decor, and accessories. We expertly revamp old closets and bookshelves with the right number of shelves, hanging space and drawers. Or, we can create brand new ones according to industry standards by using high-quality materials. We creatively maximize living space by designing walk-ins, sliding doors or stand-alone units. We’ll effortlessly remodel to reflect your individual lifestyle and tastes, considering the themed continuity of your rooms. Select from a wide range of frame colors, doors styles, handles, and designs – from conservative and classic, to ultra-chic. A closet or bookshelf should be sturdy, functional and large enough to easily accommodate all necessary clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and towels. Call ULTIMATE Custome Design for a customized quote and enjoy peace of mind.

Crown Molding and Trim
Decorative ceiling or door moldings and cornices date back historically to Roman times and are created to enhance dwellings using classic edging from Victorian, Georgian, Baroque, or contemporary country styles and eras. Many grand houses and public offices boast this architectural feature. They’re an added design element that we aim to incorporate to give your dwelling that classy look of depth and sophistication. Our expert craftsmen at ULTIMATE Custome Design will shape wood strips and plaster material along the top of your wall, or around doors, walls and windows to punctuate elegant rooms with ornate edges. We can creatively assess, modify, supply and install a wide range of custom-made architraves, crown moldings, chords, flat bands, hoods, sills, plinths, parapets and columns to meet your design. This design feature poses an initial, modest outlay compared to the long-term investment and increased return during your property valuations.

Coffered Ceilings
We share your vision of grandeur at ULTIMATE Custome Design and will build you a luxurious dwelling complete with a coffered ceiling. These formal ceilings are usually combined with cornices or moldings that run alongside the entire surface. The effect is elegantly created using architectural beams which are pressed into the shape of squares, rectangles or octagons — offering a sense of height, space and sunlight. This style was historically used in formal, stately homes and public dwellings such as churches, parliaments, museums, and palaces. There’s since been a resurgence of coffered ceilings in modern homes where space is at a premium, and so our team of expert builders and carpenters will furnish a wonderful, stately ceiling that will stand the test of time.

Fireplace Mantles
At ULTIMATE Custome Design we will custom design your fireplace mantle or the ornate framework that surrounds your central hearth on those chilly winter nights. We keep a discerning eye on elegance and function which is at the forefront of everything we install. Our expert carpenters use durable, high-quality materials and designs that securely protect and withstand high temperatures. We design classic woodfire mantles as well as high-concept contemporary models.

Mancaves and Basements
Allow ULTIMATE Custome Design to design a unique space for your man cave or basement – to recuperate or quietly entertain in an appealing, personalized area away from the rat race. Explore clever, creative design ideas that cater to every budget and circumstance. Get architectural and ergonomic advice on maximizing that space and minimizing waste – including the remodel or relocation of existing HVACs, old cellars, walls or laundries. We use minimalist approaches and modern trends to keep costs within budget if converting your unused area to something entirely different, like a home theatre mancave or gym. We’ll effortlessly remodel to reflect your individual lifestyle and tastes, considering the themed continuity from your floor above. Our stunning designs range from grand, ultra-modern interiors to cozy home dens in single rooms or multiple home areas. You won’t believe it’s a basement or man cave — we’ll make your marvelous makeover a cinch!