When setting out to do kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation, one of the most exciting aspects is the option to embrace different kitchen remodeling ideas. Kitchen remodelers like Ultimate Kitchen & Bath often take a traditional kitchen design and transform it into a new kitchen with European characteristics. Or they do a kitchen renovation that takes a Euro design or a kitchen without a signature look and they do a kitchen remodel to wind up with a beautiful new kitchen that is distinctly traditional.

Two Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath performs exquisite kitchen remodeling with both of these popular styles, and can help you decide which of the two kitchen remodeling ideas fits your taste, lifestyle, and home. While it is possible to mix and match different elements of Euro and Traditional kitchen design, it is generally best to decide on one and then let that style decision guide the kitchen renovation. That gives your kitchen remodel an elegantly consistent look and feel.

What Will a European Kitchen Remodel Achieve?

As explained by the experts at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, kitchen remodeling in the European style is typically sleek and contemporary. This type of kitchen remodeling idea is based on Nordic designs – so some consumers think of it as being a kitchen remodel that resembles a kind of IKEA look. The cabinetry doors, for example, are flush. You don’t see any hinges or bold frames, just a seamlessly smooth look across the cabinets. A Euro design works with any kitchen remodel, but can be especially practical if you want a smaller kitchen.

How Does Traditional Kitchen Remodeling Look?

By contrast, a traditional kitchen design tends to lean toward framed cabinets with distinctive hinges and door pulls that give the new kitchen a more Americana personality. If you have always envisioned a kitchen renovation that gave you a beautiful Victorian-era or Early American style, the traditional kitchen remodeling ideas will probably appeal to you. Sometimes traditional kitchen tend to be larger, too.

Consult Kitchen Designers at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath

To really get the feel for how you new kitchen will look in one of these styles, just visit a kitchen remodeler like Ultimate Kitchen & Bath and see examples in their showroom or portfolio of photos. You can compare the various types of countertops, furniture, and flooring to get a great idea of how these popular styles can help with your kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation and upgrade.