The Top 5 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

Rather than continuing to live with an outmoded kitchen, why not opt for a kitchen renovation? Most people are surprised how affordable kitchen remodeling from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can be – and how dramatically a kitchen remodel can enhance their lifestyle in exciting, long-overdue ways.

#1 Kitchen Remodeling Adds Home Value

Moving to a home with a bigger, newer kitchen may be impractical. But kitchen remodelers can upgrade your old kitchen to one that is just like brand new. The National Association of Realtors also recommends that a kitchen remodel can generate some of the most powerful dollar-for-dollar returns when you decide to sell. At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath we do these kitchen remodeling projects all the time, and homeowners who invest in a kitchen renovation reap tangible benefits that have tremendous potential to increase the marketability of their home.

#2 Kitchen Renovation Can Add Space

The pros at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath are also frequently asked to help with a kitchen upgrade because homeowners have outgrown their kitchen. Oftentimes a couple will be satisfied with their kitchen, but after they have children, they look for kitchen remodeling ideas that will allow it to become a new kitchen that will accommodate their growing family. Or they buy a home but want to replace an older, smaller kitchen with a more spacious and modern one.

#3 A New Kitchen Means Energy Savings

Energy savings and reduction of your carbon footprint is another benefit of doing a kitchen renovation project. Just by updating to a kitchen with more energy-efficient appliances, for example, you can shrink your utility bills. That kind of kitchen remodeling ensures repeated savings every month – and is one of the ways that kitchen remodelers at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can help you do a remodeling of your kitchen that helps to pay for itself.

#4 Remodel the Kitchen to Fit Your Lifestyle

Plus, kitchens should be designed around your life – instead of you having to compromise your lifestyle. With innovative kitchen remodeling ideas from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath you can enjoy a kitchen that is personalized to your own signature style, activities, and kitchen design preferences. You can improve the layout with a kitchen remodel; improve the lighting, workflow, and ease of cooking with a kitchen renovation; and add more convenience and flexibility – so that you end up with a new kitchen that revolves around you and your family.

#5 Kitchen Renovation is an Affordable Option

At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath we hear from many homeowners who are frustrated with their old kitchens are ready for a newly remodeled one. For some great kitchen remodeling ideas and for more smart, consumer-savvy reasons why renovating your tired old kitchen makes sense, get in touch with the Ultimate Kitchen & Bath experts. They’ll be happy to make your dream kitchen come true. They can do a beautiful kitchen remodel within your budget, and in ways that actually save you money over time.

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New Kitchen Design Ideas

Thanks to new materials, technologies, and innovative styles, the possibilities for kitchen remodeling ideas have increased dramatically. Over the past few years kitchen remodelers have introduced so many clever and convenient ways that you can  create a new kitchen, remodel your kitchen, or do a kitchen renovation that enlarges, upgrades, or beautifies your kitchen. The experts at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can assist you with many new kitchen design options – and here are few new kitchen design ideas to inspire you as you consider your next kitchen remodeling project.

Remodeling a Kitchen for More Space

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath is often asked to help homeowners do a kitchen renovation with the goal of providing much more room. There are many kitchen remodeling ideas and techniques that can accomplish this welcome improvement. You can remove non-supportive walls to free up space. Open up the room with built-ins like kitchen islands that have breakfast bar seating. Consolidate space by using different types of appliances that have a smaller footprint on the floor. Or remodel a kitchen with cabinetry up high along the upper walls.

Kitchen Remodelers Can Improve Flow

Another frequent request that the Ultimate Kitchen & Bath team gets is for kitchen remodeling ideas and kitchen renovation designs that enhance movement and traffic. There are formulas used by professional chefs and commercial kitchens, for instance, that you can implement to create a new kitchen layout where everything is within easy reach. You can also design circular pathways around a center kitchen isle, and that can suddenly make everything that happens in the kitchen easier and more convenient. Open plans are extremely popular, too, and doing that kind of kitchen renovation won’t just improve traffic flow in the kitchen, but will also enhance the flow in rooms adjacent to the remodeled kitchen.

Do a Kitchen Remodel with an Extra Sink

Sometimes what a kitchen really needs is an additional sink, and Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can help you figure out where to put a small sink so that your new kitchen layout is significantly better. A sink for washing vegetables along a prep counter is a great kitchen remodeling idea. You can also install a sink inside a kitchen island through a strategic kitchen renovation. Or let kitchen remodeling professionals at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath do a kitchen remodel and give you a professional-style pot filler kitchen sink faucet.

Add Hidden Storage with Kitchen Renovation

Everyone wants more storage, and Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can remodel your kitchen with ample pantry storage discreetly hidden from view. Or camouflage tons of hidden storage using innovative storage system that fit into nooks between appliances, unused space in corners, or beneath counters and islands. You can also “hide” storage in plain sight when you remodel your kitchen by installing a beautiful old-fashioned pot and pan rack or system that hangs overhead for a touch of European elegance.

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5 Smart Kitchen Island Remodeling Ideas

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath kitchen remodeling ideas often revolve around the centerpiece, the central island. How you design the island has a huge impact on the overall kitchen renovation, since the rest of your remodeled kitchen is built around it. Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath that show the importance of your island in whatever new kitchen you create.

Kitchen Remodeling for Extra Seating

A kitchen remodeling that has integrated seating gives that island double duty. You can prep and serve in your new kitchen, if your kitchen remodeler creates a kitchen island that includes a second tier countertop with barstool-style seating.

A New Kitchen Sink or Island Bar

One of the most popular kitchen remodeling ideas executed by Ultimate Kitchen & Bath is to place a small prep sink or bar sink in the island. Having running water right there in the island can make your new kitchen much more efficient, and cut down on crowding that happens when everyone is forced to share just one sink.

Kitchen Renovation for Traffic Flow

A primary goal of every Ultimate Kitchen & Bath kitchen remodel is to improve flow in the new kitchen. That eases traffic, makes working in your new kitchen easier and safer, and can create a spacious feel to the renovated kitchen. But you need to take full advantage of the multiple benefits and features that a smart kitchen remodel with a multipurpose kitchen island provides.

Kitchen Remodeling for Added Island Storage

Most people are short on storage, but there are lots of ways to create a kitchen island that has easy-access storage options build right into it. When your remodeled kitchen gives you extra island storage, it expands kitchen remodeling ideas even more – because you free-up space elsewhere in your new kitchen layout.

A Kitchen Island Built-In Plate Warmer or Grill

You can also use have Ultimate Kitchen & Bath install a grill right there in the middle of your new kitchen, in the island. That lets you cook pancakes or burgers, for instance, and then plate and serve them to people seated right there. To add a touch of luxury, you can also put a modern plate-warming drawer into the side of the kitchen island. That ensures that everything cooked in your remodeled kitchen stays warm right up until it’s served eaten.

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4 Efficient Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Before you start kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation, check out some efficient kitchen remodeling ideas courtesy of Ultimate Kitchen & Bath. These are especially geared toward anyone who wants to remodel a kitchen and wind up with one that lets you get more done, with less time and effort, in the new kitchen.

A New Kitchen Floor Plan

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath kitchen remodelers can create a more efficient kitchen by kitchen remodeling that makes it easier to serve meals. Design your new kitchen with built-in kitchen island seating or a breakfast nook with a pass-through window. Or rearrange the layout, so that there is circular flowing traffic in the kitchen. That way, even if it is crowded during a party or big family meal, nobody gets in anyone’s way.

Kitchen Renovations to Speed Cooking Time

Put everything within reach with a kitchen remodel, the way professional chefs do. That includes placing the fridge, dishwasher, oven, stove and sink close enough that you don’t have to take more than 2-3 steps to prepare any meal. Ultimate Kitchen & Bath has a team of experts who can do kitchen remodeling that not only gives you a beautiful new kitchen, but also a new kitchen efficient layout that saves time and effort.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that Leverage Technology

One of the ways Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can achieve efficiency is by using new kitchen technology when they do your kitchen renovation. Install wireless kitchen devices that connect to your smart phone via apps. Enjoy a flat screen computer in your new kitchen, for touch-screen access to all your recipes. Or use a heat-on-demand water heater to save on energy bills while you have faster hot water.

Remodel a Kitchen with Space-Saving Features

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can also make even small kitchens seem big, by incorporating kitchen remodeling ideas that free-up space. You can install pull-out pantries in those unused spaces between counters and appliances. Remove the hardware for a chic, flush look that also offers a little extra room to move without bumping into drawer handles. Do a kitchen remodel that extends storage options all the way to the ceiling, or removes the kitchen door so you don’t need space to open and close it. The ideas are virtually unlimited when you do a kitchen remodel with kitchen renovation ideas from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertops

There are many choices to make when you do a kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation project, and which countertops to use is one of the biggest decisions. Fortunately there are many kinds of kitchen countertops available from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath to inspire your kitchen remodeling ideas. Here are six tips from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath to help you narrow your kitchen countertop choices when creating your new kitchen.

1 Consider a New Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Granite is probably the most popular of all countertop types used during a kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation upgrade. That’s  because of its beauty, variance in colors and tones, durability, and scratch and heat resistance. It’s an organic material that will last for a long time and keep looking great with minimal maintenance.

2 Quartz is a Great Kitchen Remodel Choice

Quartz also offers a gorgeous upscale look for your kitchen remodeling, with great aesthetics, strength, durability, and heat resistance. The natural attractiveness and luster of a quartz countertop can add a new kitchen signature touch to covey your personal kitchen remodeling ideas.

3 Corian Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling

Corian is beautiful, offers good heat resistance, and is much easier to shape into unusual angles or curves during a kitchen remodeling project or kitchen renovations – compared to the rigid options like granite and quartz. That makes it one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops in the world.

4 Consider Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

All of the most popular types of new kitchen countertops and countertop materials for kitchen remodeling are outstanding. But the prices can vary considerably, and that’s why getting bids and accurate, written estimates from kitchen remodelers such as Ultimate Kitchen & Bath is so important in the choices you make.

5 Consult with Experienced Kitchen Remodelers

Consult with kitchen remodeling companies like Ultimate Kitchen & Bath who have a stellar track record for excellent work and customer satisfaction before and after the kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation. Check their credentials, insist on having all your kitchen remodel questions answered, and make sure to use a kitchen remodeler such as Ultimate Kitchen & Bath that is willing to provide a great new kitchen within your budget.

6 View Actual Examples of Remodeled Kitchens

Visit your kitchen remodeler’s showroom at a location like Ultimate Kitchen & Bath to see the countertops up close. How they feel, how the light hits them and accents their color, and the unique characteristics of each different kind of countertop can make all the difference when you are about to select one that matches your kitchen remodeling ideas.

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4 Tips to Find The Best Kitchen Remodeler

Kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation projects are typically too complex to be do-it-yourself adventures, and in the end trying to do such a big project can actually cost a lot more time, money, and labor. It is always preferable to let your kitchen remodeling ideas be brought to life by professionals, like those at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath. But no matter who you choose as your kitchen renovation contractor, it is critical that you know how to select qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and reliable kitchen remodelers. Here are four expert tips on how to find the best kitchen remodeling contractor or kitchen renovation company – so that you get the most for your kitchen remodeling project dollars.

Check Kitchen Renovation Track Records

Once you have a few names of kitchen renovation companies you can check their records at the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. You’ll want to ensure that your kitchen remodeler has a great track record of completed projects with satisfied customers. Many Ultimate Kitchen & Bath customers are referred to use through word-of-mouth, for instance, and we are always happy to show portfolios of past projects and also let new clients call our customers to get candid feedback about our performance.

Visit Showrooms for Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

Most kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation companies, including Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, have showrooms where you can see examples of their kitchen remodeling ideas and designs. Visiting kitchen remodelers to see their kitchen remodel designs up close is an excellent way to determine whether they are the best kitchen remodeler for your particular project. You can also see what kinds of kitchen renovation flooring and cabinetry they offer, plus which brands of kitchen remodeling fixtures, lighting, and appliances they carry.

Ask for Kitchen Remodeling Recommendations

Clients of Ultimate Kitchen & Bath often find our kitchen remodeling team by asking friends, family members, and colleagues. That’s one of the best ways to find any kitchen renovation services provider. You can also ask trusted professionals in other sectors such as Realtors, attorneys, accountants, or members of clubs and associations you belong to in your area.

Interview Potential Kitchen Renovation Companies

After soliciting recommendations, doing some background research on kitchen remodelers, and visiting a few of the better kitchen renovation company showrooms, you should narrow down your choices for kitchen remodelers to just two or three. Then interview them to make a final selection. Top kitchen remodeling and kitchen design professionals such as Ultimate Kitchen & Bath are happy to answer all your questions and show you new kitchen plans and kitchen remodeling ideas. Armed with that info, pick the one that is the best fit for your style, taste, budget, and vision.


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Choose a Traditional or European Style Kitchen Remodel

When setting out to do kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation, one of the most exciting aspects is the option to embrace different kitchen remodeling ideas. Kitchen remodelers like Ultimate Kitchen & Bath often take a traditional kitchen design and transform it into a new kitchen with European characteristics. Or they do a kitchen renovation that takes a Euro design or a kitchen without a signature look and they do a kitchen remodel to wind up with a beautiful new kitchen that is distinctly traditional.

Two Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Ultimate Kitchen & Bath performs exquisite kitchen remodeling with both of these popular styles, and can help you decide which of the two kitchen remodeling ideas fits your taste, lifestyle, and home. While it is possible to mix and match different elements of Euro and Traditional kitchen design, it is generally best to decide on one and then let that style decision guide the kitchen renovation. That gives your kitchen remodel an elegantly consistent look and feel.

What Will a European Kitchen Remodel Achieve?

As explained by the experts at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, kitchen remodeling in the European style is typically sleek and contemporary. This type of kitchen remodeling idea is based on Nordic designs – so some consumers think of it as being a kitchen remodel that resembles a kind of IKEA look. The cabinetry doors, for example, are flush. You don’t see any hinges or bold frames, just a seamlessly smooth look across the cabinets. A Euro design works with any kitchen remodel, but can be especially practical if you want a smaller kitchen.

How Does Traditional Kitchen Remodeling Look?

By contrast, a traditional kitchen design tends to lean toward framed cabinets with distinctive hinges and door pulls that give the new kitchen a more Americana personality. If you have always envisioned a kitchen renovation that gave you a beautiful Victorian-era or Early American style, the traditional kitchen remodeling ideas will probably appeal to you. Sometimes traditional kitchen tend to be larger, too.

Consult Kitchen Designers at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath

To really get the feel for how you new kitchen will look in one of these styles, just visit a kitchen remodeler like Ultimate Kitchen & Bath and see examples in their showroom or portfolio of photos. You can compare the various types of countertops, furniture, and flooring to get a great idea of how these popular styles can help with your kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation and upgrade.


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Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation, when executed professionally and affordably by the experts at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, can totally transform one of the most important rooms in your house. Not only will that enhance your quality of life and convenience, but it is also a proven way to add significant market value to your home.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, the first step is to ask yourself how you intend to use it.

  • Are you primarily planning to use the remodeled kitchen to cook for yourself and your family? Or do you also do lots of entertaining, where you need to prepare food and drinks for larger numbers of people?
  • Are you working within a limited amount of space, where you need for the appliances and overall design to maximize that area and make it seem larger? You may, on the other hand, be ready to remodel your kitchen to enlarge it – while adding an extra oven, another sink, or a bigger refrigerator.
  • People with children may want a breakfast bar attached to a center island, for example, while grownups who throw frequent dinner parties may benefit from a kitchen design that helps traffic flow easily through the kitchen, without cramping the style of the cook or host.
  • Those who love to linger and read the paper on weekends will enjoy a breakfast nook with an inconspicuous flat screen TV. Those accustomed to sitting down in the kitchen to pay bills and catch up on email correspondence may like a small built-in desk with space for a laptop.

The key is to carefully consider all your options. Then selectively narrow down your design to create one that will serve all of your uniquely individual needs. The more you plan ahead, the easier it will be to achieve the desired results – while also accommodating your budget and timeline. That’s why consulting pros like those at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath is so helpful. They know exactly which fixtures, materials, appliances, and design layouts to recommend to ensure that you get the most out of your kitchen renovation project.

The experienced kitchen remodelers at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath can help you implement innovative concepts and create a beautiful new, highly versatile kitchen. When it is time to give an outdated kitchen a fresh look and a new lease on life, let the team at Ultimate Kitchen & Bath give an existing or outdated kitchen a fresh look and a whole new lease on life.

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