Ultimate Kitchen & Bath kitchen remodeling ideas often revolve around the centerpiece, the central island. How you design the island has a huge impact on the overall kitchen renovation, since the rest of your remodeled kitchen is built around it. Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas from Ultimate Kitchen & Bath that show the importance of your island in whatever new kitchen you create.

Kitchen Remodeling for Extra Seating

A kitchen remodeling that has integrated seating gives that island double duty. You can prep and serve in your new kitchen, if your kitchen remodeler creates a kitchen island that includes a second tier countertop with barstool-style seating.

A New Kitchen Sink or Island Bar

One of the most popular kitchen remodeling ideas executed by Ultimate Kitchen & Bath is to place a small prep sink or bar sink in the island. Having running water right there in the island can make your new kitchen much more efficient, and cut down on crowding that happens when everyone is forced to share just one sink.

Kitchen Renovation for Traffic Flow

A primary goal of every Ultimate Kitchen & Bath kitchen remodel is to improve flow in the new kitchen. That eases traffic, makes working in your new kitchen easier and safer, and can create a spacious feel to the renovated kitchen. But you need to take full advantage of the multiple benefits and features that a smart kitchen remodel with a multipurpose kitchen island provides.

Kitchen Remodeling for Added Island Storage

Most people are short on storage, but there are lots of ways to create a kitchen island that has easy-access storage options build right into it. When your remodeled kitchen gives you extra island storage, it expands kitchen remodeling ideas even more – because you free-up space elsewhere in your new kitchen layout.

A Kitchen Island Built-In Plate Warmer or Grill

You can also use have Ultimate Kitchen & Bath install a grill right there in the middle of your new kitchen, in the island. That lets you cook pancakes or burgers, for instance, and then plate and serve them to people seated right there. To add a touch of luxury, you can also put a modern plate-warming drawer into the side of the kitchen island. That ensures that everything cooked in your remodeled kitchen stays warm right up until it’s served eaten.