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Ultimate Kitchen & Bath

Creating Culinary Wonders

At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, we recognize the kitchen’s pivotal role in your home. It serves as the center for family dinners, a hub for midnight munchies, and a workshop for holiday baking. Our passion lies in designing kitchens that excel in both function and flair, igniting culinary imagination and nurturing bonds within the family.

Exceptional Craftsmanship, Tailored Designs

Our expert designers and craftsmen specialize in converting kitchens into bespoke spaces that mirror the distinctive style and requirements of each homeowner. Whether your heart is set on a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic or a warm, traditional ambiance, we cater to all preferences. With our tailored designs, every aspect of your kitchen — from the cabinetry to the worktops — is customized to align with your personal taste.

Kitchen Remodeling

At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, we recognize the significant undertaking of revamping your kitchen, from complete overhauls to simple, revitalizing changes. Our commitment is to support you through every phase of this journey!

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom experience with the unparalleled services of Ultimate Kitchen & Bath! We are excited to inform homeowners about our expanded suite of offerings, which now encompasses premier bathroom renovation services. This expansion allows you the opportunity to transform your home into a tranquil, spa-like sanctuary.

Basement Remodeling

At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, we excel as a comprehensive basement remodeling service. Our mission as basement renovation specialists is to assist homeowners in elevating their below-ground spaces with our extensive array of design and construction services.

Custom Closets

At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, we recognize that transforming your closet can be a significant venture. But with a detailed custom closet plan, we aim to make the process smooth and exhilarating. It begins with understanding your vision for what your walk-in, reach-in, or luxury closet needs to embody both functionality and style.


Countertop Manufacturing

Transform your kitchen and bathroom with the unparalleled services of Ultimate Kitchen & Bath! At Ultimate Kitchen & Bath, we are proud to extend our offerings to include premier countertop manufacturing and installation. This upgrade invites you to bask in the sophistication of designing a modern, personalized space in the very heart of your home.


Getting Ready To Remodel?

Get inspired by looking at the work we’ve done for homeowners in the past.